My name is Danilo Kapel and I’m a composer and sound designer from Slovenia. I aim to create immersive and memorable music, along with impactful and smart use of sound design.

Video games have always been a big passion of mine. Playing The Curse of Monkey Island left a lasting impact on me. Ever since, I’ve been chasing opportunities of writing music and creating audio.

My path started with playing guitar in local bands – mostly rock and metal. Soon I got my hands of FL studio – back then known as Fruity Loops – and I started creating my first beats. Which soon developed into melodic pieces and then into orchestral arrangements. 

Quickly after that I received opportunities to work on short movies, theater, and video games. More recently, I’ve also worked in game development in a producer role, which left me with a fuller understanding of video game creation in general.

Which brings us to now! I would love to hear about your project! Let’s chat!